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DevOps Lead

DevOps Lead OOJ - 1050
Thousand Oaks, CA
Apr 5, 2020
Required Skills and Experience:
  • Strong experience with Kubernetes, OpenShift and Docker
  • Be capable of efficiently building and configuring Windows server environments (OS, firewalls, NTFS (security), certificates, installations, configure services, virtual machines, understand networking and active directory) and the assortment of capabilities installed in these Windows based Bamboo agent servers
  • Understand DevOps pipelines and how to build pipelines that support multiple, dependent technologies (.NET, Informatica, Oracle, SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS) through the CI and CD steps
  • Be able to script in PowerShell, Windows scripts. Any actual development experience (app and database) is helpful since DevOps is a service tailored to the developers and their experience
  • A good communicator, written and verbal
  • Very comfortable with Bitbucket / Git and Gitflow like branching strategies
Preferred Skills and Experience:
  • Plus, if the know some of our tools and how to interact with them from a pipeline, such as Artifactory, XL Deploy, SonarQube, MS Build, Veracode, Selenium and Redgate.
  • JIRA and Agile experience are helpful as well
  • Nice to have (potential future needs, not immediate however): Infrastructure as code tools (Ansible, Chef or Puppet), AWS, Dockers (containers) and TDM

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